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Brandi Glanville Feels Sorry For Lisa Vanderpump

What the fuck?

According to Us Weekly, Brandi Glanville is sympathising with Lisa Vanderpump ahead of the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where she is feuding with the rest of the cast. The sky must be green and pigs must be flying because I didn't ever think we'd see the day were Brandi would side with the woman she affectionately nicknamed LVC.

Brandi stated she feels sorry for Lisa because nobody wants to film with her on the current season of Beverly Hills Housewives after the cast apparently caught her in a lie. The unfiltered blonde relates because when she was on the show she was in the same position. Why would Brandi feel bad? Lisa was the one influential in nobody wanting to film with her. She said:

“You know, I know because I’m friends with the girls … it’s just, you know, it’s really hard. I actually feel sorry for her a little bit because I’ve been in her shoes where no one wants to film with you. You’re kind of passed aside and it is the hardest feeling because it’s like, it’s your job, but no one wants to film with you.”

The only costars Brandi keeps in touch with are Kim Richards, Carlton Gebbia and maybe Yolanda Hadid, so when she says she's "friends with the girls" she obviously just means a producer is telling her what's been going on. And, LVC is the one not filming with them, not the other way around. Apparently she's got insight into what went down during filming and hopes the beef didn't go down the way she was told:

“It sucks to be in that position, so I feel sorry for her in a way, but having heard what went on, I hope that it did not happen the way that I was told it happened.”

When asked if she believes Brandi thinks LVC would quit the show she said no because she loves it too much. Brandi knows her too well. If she's not showing up to filming then I doubt it will be Lisa's choice if she returns for season ten or not.

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