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Jeff Lewis Responds To Jenni Pulos' Recent Comments

This is great clarification.

In Jenni Pulos' PEOPLE Magazine interview she denied all of Jeff Lewis' claims that she had reported him of abuse to their Bravo bosses and that their working relationship was fake for the cameras for the last three years.

On his SiriusXM radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, Jeff responded to her claims (in the video above) stating although there was no formal paperwork or document filed, Jenni did talk to their bosses at Bravo and the production company about abuse which caused an executive to fly to Los Angeles, have dinner with both stars separately and rewatch her firing FRAME BY FRAME to ensure there was no abuse.

Both Bravo and the production company can verify Jeff's statement.

He also stated Bravo paid Jenni as much as a veteran Housewife, which is a fuck tonne of money, and he has the W2s to prove he paid her less than $10,000 for the last two and half years where she was "working" at his company. Their relationship wasn't fake for the cameras but her working for Jeff Lewis Designs was.

Jeff also spoke about her playing the victim in their feud saying she deserves an Emmy and has NEVER cried off camera but always manages to turn the water works on when they're rolling. He also claims she goes around lying that it was her idea to create Flipping Out and confirmed their executive producer titles on the show don't mean shit, as they aren't actual executive producers.

He urged everyone to watch the season finale, episode ten of this season, and judge for yourself what you think happened. Apparently she "broke from character" during a speech where she announced she was embarrased to work for the company and stated Jeff was holding her back from becoming an actress, so he had no choice but to fire her.

This entire situation is just sad and while I love Jenni, Jeff's story makes sense and I guess he has the receipts to prove it. Take a look at him talking about possibly forgiving Jenni in the video below:

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