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Lisa Vanderpump No Longer Filming RHOBH After Ditching France Trip

This looks like the end of the road for LVP.

After travelling to The Bahamas and Hawaii, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' final cast trip of the season will be to France where they are allegedly going all over the country, however, as per usual Lisa Vanderpump will not be attending due to her ongoing feud with the entire cast.

According to Hollywood Life, who were the ones to initially report her ditching Camille Grammer's Hawaii wedding, she refused to take the final trip of the season even though she was invited. The entire cast are currently on their way to France aside from Camille who also didn't attend as she just returned from her honeymoon recently. I'm guessing she's still going to be a "friend" this season.

Production are fed up with LVP's antics and Tamara Tattles speculated the real reason behind her boycotting filming is because she has an entire team of new producers this season who won't give into her diva demands. Which makes more sense than a dumb dog fight.

Sources told Hollywood Life, the producers are worried about the drama this season because it revolves soley around LVP and she isn't filming, so the editing is going to be very interesting. They also reported that production have decided to NO LONGER shoot solo scenes with Lisa because they aren't interested in filming her without other cast members which means she won't be paid if she doesn't attend events. Sources shared:

“There’s really not a lot of other drama going on this season besides Lisa, so producers are concerned to build other story lines,” the source continued. “Everything is so focused around Lisa this season. It’s going to be very, very interesting to see how it’s edited and how it all plays out on camera. Production isn’t shooting with Lisa at all anymore because they’re not wanting to just shoot her solo anymore. It’s not the LVP show, and with her, that’s what it’s starting to become.”

The site also alleged the show won't air until 2019 due to production worrying about this feud, which isn't true. Filming started later this year which means the season will air later. It's common sense. They also claimed filming was pushed back this year due to her mental health surrounding her brother's death which is NOT the case. Vanderpump Rules started shooting in MAY, so if she can shoot that show on time then she can do the same with this one.

If Lisa Vanderpump is absent for the majority of the season how is she supposed to come back next year? It seems like she's ready to quit and after three seasons of doing nothing we don't need her around anymore. Who knows if she'll even rock up to the reunion?

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