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Photos Surface Of Brian Austin Green With Son After Vanessa Marcil Claims

I’m confused.

After Vanessa Marcil claimed her son hadn’t seen his father Brian Austin Green in five years, some of you sounded off in the comments saying that was untrue and after doing some social media stalking, that seems to be the case.

From digging through the internet I found photos on of BAG hanging out with his son Kassius on a boys trip to Mexico only last year. 2017 is the last sign of a recent photo of the two, but it also isn’t five years ago.

Following this discovery, I then rummaged through BAG’s Instagram account which is FLOODED with photos of his son Kassius. Let’s break down these receipts:

He went to his Aladdin concert in August, which Vanessa claims was her photo.

BAG has also posted heaps of throwback photos of Kassius when he was little in the last few years

Brian even posted a baby pic which he captioned saying Vanessa had sent to him in 2016. If they are able to have a relationship where they send photos back and forth, it can’t be that bad.

They were also spotted together in 2016.

We don’t know what happened in their relationship but we do know these photos debunk Vanessa’s claims. BAG and Kassius follow each other on Instagram and Brian has posted several photos of him over the years as well as that trip to Mexico, so he isn’t the dead beat dad we thought! Still waiting for his clapback...

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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