Brian Austin Green & Vanessa Marcil's Son Speaks Out

Even though BAG is yet to speak out, this explains so much!

Earlier this week we reported, Vanessa Marcil revealed the father of her son, Brian Austin Green, hasn't seen his child they share together in five years. Shortly after, I did some digging on the internet and found heaps of photos of BAG with his son as recently as last year, however, now Kassius Marcil-Green, the estranged son in question is speaking out and clarifying everything.

E! News, of course, reported about the story and used a photo from Megan Fox's Instagram on Halloween claiming they spent it with Kassius.

He clapped back in the comments section of their Instagram post saying the boys in the post were Megan's nephews and he didn't spend Halloween with them. He also cotinued his mother's point of saying he hasn't lived with his father in four years and is yet to met his youngest brother.

Well, if E! News checked Good Tea's FACT CHECKED article they would know Kassius has seen his dad in the last few years which is evidenced through several photos (like their trip to Mexico) but they just used the wrong photo.

Even though he has seen his dad in the last few years, he hasn't lived with him which Vanessa should've clarified in her initial post. She also took to Instagram to clarify her comments saying they've only seen each other in passing in recent years at the same wedding, school plays and 60 minute lunches. Is she timing each lunch?

I'm #TeamVanessa because she has clarifed her comments and everything now makes 100% sense, however, if BAG and Kassius were together in Mexico and follow each other on Instagram, why isn't Kassius asking his dad about seeing his youngest brother or living with them? Megan and BAG's new family obviously has something to do with this and I can't wait for David Silver himself to spill his side of the story.

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