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Jax Taylor Claims James Kennedy Wasn't Allowed To Adopt Dog

They're at it again!

After years of feuding Jax Taylor and James Kennedy finally became friends but now it seems like they are back to their old ways of hating each other, which may be why the DJ is at odds with the entire group in the new season trailer.

All the SURvers attended Lisa Vanderpump's annual dog gala and the following morning Jax took to Twitter claiming the White Kanye West and his girlfriend Raquel tried to adopt a dog during an auction at the event but the person conducting it wouldn't let James have the dog and gave it to the next highest bidder, which is hilarious but also completely responsible for whoever was handing out those dogs.

After his comments, fan questioned Jax on the status of their friendship where Jax teased what we can expect from the upcoming saying we'll see what a loser James is this season, how they have all tried multiple times yet he continues to fuck up and that he will finally get what's coming to him.

A James Kennedy feud with the entire cast is definitely incentive to watch.

Jax also said James has no money to his name, lives off girlfriend's dad and apparently even gets Raquel to grab drinks from Jax's table because he can't afford his own. That is all such juicy information and TOTALLY believable.

James Kennedy has been a dick since we met him so none of these claims are surprising but trying to get free drinks is SO relatable. And can you imagine his airhead girlfirend looking after a dog? Yikes.

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