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Married To Medicine Season 6 Reunion Tea

This is SO juicy!

I didn't end up writing my Married To Medicine recap last night because I opted to go out and get fucked up, however, there is some JUICY reunion tea which will more than make up for the missing recap. I'm still in shock.

According to Juicy Radio Talk on Instagram, the reunion was filmed on Thursday and PACKED full of drama and surprising revelations. Mariah Huq was accused of having a "cocaine habit" during filming. Quad Webb-Lunceford came forward to share her own story of seeing Mariah do cocaine and when she told her to stop Miss Mariah said “I’m grown! I can do whatever I want!” so Quad just left her alone to do drugs.

That is super juicy. I'm normally never surprised when I find out reality stars do cocaine but this cast seems the most suburban of them all. Of course, Mariah will never admit to the drug use but that is a juicy factor for Quad to throw in.

Speaking of Miss Quad, she apparently had her own revelation about her marriage when she claimed her soon-to-be ex-husband Dr Greg physically abused her through their entire marriage. Wow. That colours their relationship VERY differently.

Apparently even Andy Cohen couldn't believe her claim and asked her if she filmed the show for six seasons while being beaten and she said yes. She did a great job of hiding it because we never even saw one bruise on her. Quad said the only reason she didn't come forward earlier is because she didn't want to hurt his reputation as a doctor.

Holy shit. That is TOO much. I'm so pumped for the reunion because these Medical Mistresses always have the most real reunions. We can also expect a Toya vs Contessa conflict, all the girls questioning Quad about her marriage and Heavenly and Mariah hashing out their differences. Get ready because it's about to go down!

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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