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Brandi Glanville Got Robbed As Paparazzi Filmed

Why does crazy shit always happen to her?

While a TMZ paparazzi man was walking over to Brandi Glanville to interview her in the streets, her car started being broken into. Apparently, she was walking back to her car when she saw a burglar going through it, so she started screaming at him to stop while her friend chased him down the street and TMZ just coincidentally captured the whole thing on tape.

Her friend ended up on top of the thief and held him down until the police came to arrest him. Brandi was emotional and yelling in the background through the entire ordeal which was a hot mess at it's finest. The thief claimed he didn't do anything, even though he was literally caught stealing from her Range Rover on camera.

Somehow Brandi always manages to get herself in dramatic situations, like when she was wrongfully accused of punching some random actor in the face weeks ago or when her house was robbed - when she was home. I can't believe TMZ just happened to film the entire incident, talk about timing.

Brandi has also since tweeted about the crazy scene.

Check out the footage HERE which is more entertaining than anything RHOBH has put out in years.

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