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Vicki Gunvalson Reveals Who Told Her About Kelly Dodd's Cocaine Use

When will the OG of the OC learn?

Following the release of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion trailer, Kelly Dodd threatened to quit the show after it featured her co-star and frenemy Vicki Gunvalson of accusing her of using cocaine. Now we have the tea on just how Vicki got the alleged tea.

According to Vicki's Twitter, she responded to a fan who accused her of receiving the information from Kelly's ex-husband, however, she stated that both she and Shannon Beador heard the gossip from a VERY good friend of Kelly's. Not only did Vicki hear the tea but Shannon did too, she was just dumb enough to bring it up.

Vicki feuded with Tamra Judge and Shannon for years after she gossiped about their husband's behind their backs saying Tamra's was gay and Shannon's beat her, now she's following the exact same pattern by repeating things to other people that she doesn't know a true for a fact.

It makes amazing TV but a terrible friend. When will she learn to shut the fuck up? Kelly has declared that if Vicki is back after the cocaine allegations next season, she won't be. It's great press for the reunion which is the lead in for Bravo's new scripted show Dirty John, which they are doing THE MOST to promote. Well played Bravo, well played.

Check out the INSANE reunion trailer below:

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