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Vicki Gunvalson Slams Kelly Dodd & Daughter After Recent Comments

What a mess.

Following Vicki Gunvalson accusing Kelly Dodd of doing cocaine and never seeing her daughter on The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion this week, Kelly took to Instagram in an awkward video with her daughter where she called out Vicki for making false allegations before her 12-year-old daughter said "no offence Vicki but you're kind of a bitch."

Since the video went viral fans asked the OG of the OC about Jolie's comment where she responded saying: "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

Another fan asked Vicki why she made the shocking cocaine allegation and according to her, it was only a defence after Kelly had been "attacking" her and Steve for almost an entire year. It's been a couple months at most but of course, Vicki is going to round up.

To add to their feud, Kelly has also threatened to quit the show if Vicki returns next season but I think after the situation cools down both ladies will be back in front of the Bravo cameras because let's face it, everybody on these shows loves fame and money and doesn't want to see it go anywhere. It amazes me how Housewives replying to Instagram comments has become sufficient news.

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