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Melissa Gorga Reveals Why She No Longer Speaks To Kathy Wakile

Another family feud!

After Teresa Giudice "cut the cancer out" and decided to no longer have a relationship with her cousins Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri we haven't seen them appear in front of Bravo cameras and now we know they are no longer speaking to any members of the Gorga/Giudice clan who they used to see all the time. You know, when they were shooting a reality show.

During WWHL, Andy asked Melissa if she and Joe Gorga have a relationship with their cousins and she admitted they do not. According to the "singer," once Kathy was fired from the show she got mad at them for not helping her stay on and stopped speaking to them as a result.

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So they no longer have a relationship because one stayed on the reality show and one didn't? That sounds very thirsty and I knew Kathy liked her Bravo checks but I didn't realise she liked them that much. It's sad when a family you thought was close gets split up over fame.

Of course, Melissa had to deliver the usual lines of saying she has no control over casting, however, if she filmed scenes with them in a "friend" capacity I'm sure they'd still be on the show but ultimately her loyalty will always lie with Teresa. Kathy and Rosie are also still extremely friendly with Jacqueline Laurita which could also explain their distance considering both Teresa and Melissa fucking despise her.

Check out her full explanation below:

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