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Caroline Bedol Awkwardly Calls WWHL Amid Crazy Social Media Behaviour

This is amazing.

Ever since the Below Deck episode of Caroline Bedol quitting her job aired she has been going crazy on social media. There are literally hundreds of tweets on her timeline attacking Captain Lee, Kate Chastain, Bravo, 51 Minds (the production company) and even Andy Cohen.

She is in the midst of having a full on Trashley Jacobs breakdown claiming Kate and Josiah accused her of having Herpes and made fun of her mother's mental illness on camera but said it was edited out. Caroline also previously alleged that Kate is an alcoholic.

She even enlisted fellow redhead Kathy Griffin to help take down Bravo because they suck and so does Andy. She also has a weird thing about calling people flying monkeys and saying her experience was 9/11. No one is in a good place when they bring up 9/11

Following her VARIED tweets, Caroline called the WWHL Aftershow disguised as "Susie from Nebraska" but shocked everyone when she revealed her true identity as the ex-third stew. Andy and the guests: Lee, Rhylee Gerber and Ross Inia collectively shat themselves and the host tried to save the awkward moment by saying she looks like Ellie Kemper and stopped her from asking her question to Captain Lee.

When Andy asked if she saw Ellie Kemper on WWHL, Caroline said she doesn't watch the show because Andy is "so uncool" because he's a fellow Jew and Grateful Dead fan but hasn't replied to her constant messages.

He ended the conversation by getting her off the phone before she could say anything to hurt Bravo and invited her to the reunion which she originally said she wouldn't attend because she "doesn't work for free" but then decided to attend if she was invited.

After the call she revealed the question she intended on asking Lee:

Reality TV can drive anyone into a dark hole full of sketchy Twitter replies to make them look crazy. She probably is telling the truth and is stressed about seeing the narrative edited for TV but Bravo and the production company will, of course, protect their star of the show, so Caroline needs to be smart enough to get off Twitter and get back to doing whatever the fuck she does.

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