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Andy Cohen Slams Jim Marchese After Homophobic Tweet

I don't want to give this little weasel any press, but this has to be addressed.

After his short run on the failed sixth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the little Jim Marchese and his wife Amber received their fifteen minutes of fame which extended as he punched her in the face on a plane and appeared on Marriage Bootcamp together which sounds like the foundation of a solid, healthy marriage. Unfortunately, his little degree of notoriety means his social media presence occasionally comes up in the Housewives universe from time to time.

Jim Mar-Crazy took to Twitter to retweet a post supporting Kevin Hart's opinions on not wanting his son to be gay. He added that no straight male wants their son to be gay and that not only does being gay takes away from "family traditions" but it destroys families and ruins holidays like Christmas and he finished the tweet by stating #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder.

Wow. That's a lot, almost too much and I didn't realise this kind of hatred existed in the world. His blatant hatred is so in your face and I don't understand why he needs to blast his disgusting opinions on Twitter. Jim Marchese is definitively the WORST person to ever appear on Bravo and makes the other asshole husbands look like saints.

Thankfully, Andy Cohen took to Twitter after he was tagged in a post thanking him for firing the Marcheses and keeping them off Bravo. Andy called him sick and said he's prayers for his children. Is there anything else you can say? Being anywhere on the LGBT spectrum obviously isn't a choice and it's bigots that Jim Marchese who don't understand this that make the world a much worse place.

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