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Brandi Redmond Claims She Saved LeeAnnne Locken's Job After D'Andra Simmons Tried To Get Her

This conversation reeks of bullshit.

Following a season where Brandi Redmond and D'Andra Simmons ganged up on their cast member LeeAnne Locken, a fan has now come forward revealing a conversation he had with the resident redhead while the show's second season was airing last year where she talked A LOT of shit about her costars.

The DMs on Twitter are time stamped on September 26th 2017, which was while The Real Housewives of Dallas was airing the second season. Brandi claimed she quit the show after the hurricanes had ruined her husband's business in the Carribean saying she doesn't need the drama, money or stress in her life that comes from this show. Well, I guess she does because she stayed around for another season anyway.

Brandi also alleged she was told to tell Cary Deuber, Stephanie Hollman and Kameron Westcott about LeeAnne and by "tell" I assume she means talk shit about her which she was definitely "influenced" to do by production.

Finally, she ended the messages by claiming LeeAnne was trying to push the drama onto her because according to Brandi, D'Andra had tried to get LeeAnne fired from the show but she did her a "favour" by saving her spot on the show which LeeAnne apparently knew about.

Um. LeeAnne's outbursts were the only saving grace which got the show from season one to season two, so I doubt a NEW GIRL had enough power to get her fired and even if she did, I don't think Brandi of all people had the power to save her. It just shows that D'Andra was a snake since day one. And this isn't the first show D'Andra tried to get LeeAnne fired from...

The fan who posted the screenshots also attached Brandi's contact in the screen recording to prove the messages were real and not edited.

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