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Snooki Shares Security Footage In JWOWW's Defense Amid Roger Drama

This is getting ugly.

After Roger Mathews took to social media to reveal his wife Jenni "JWOWW" Farley had filed a restraining order against him and was not allowing him to see his kids, Snooki Polizzi did what all best friends should do and also took to social media, sharing security footage from their house to show what really happened.

Roger claimed he believes Jenni has the power to make up things against him, give herself black eyes and act for public sympathy to paint him in a bad light, so he took to a series of TEN Instagram videos where we talked about the situation and threatened to reveal more tea about what went down in their marriage.

Following this, Jenni started receiving aggressive hate mail and death threats, so Snooki posted video surveillance of JWOWW talking to the police on her Instagram where you can hear the mother-of-two saying to the police “I don’t want to do that to him. He should be allowed to see them. He’s not a bad dad.”

Proving she was not the one preventing him from seeing the kids. Once the police are called, it's their responsibility to determine whether a restraining order is needed and the choice is no longer left up to Jenni.

Snooki originally captioned the Instagram post by saying:

“My best friend has been going through A LOT these past few months and my heart breaks for her. She always tries to keep her situations off social media for the sake of the kids, but her voice needs to be heard too. She has tried everything in her power to keep things civil FOR THE KIDS and she’s a damn good mother. She doesn’t leave her kids for months at a time for work. She leaves filming to care for her children that you don’t see. She wants nothing but for the kids to have their dad. Unfortunately, she was being taunted and baited & this was the result. YOU’RE AN AMAZING MOTHER AND PERSON and all of us who truly know you know this. There is more to the story that’s being told. Stop attacking her. *She HAS BEEN asking the cops to tell the judge to allow Roger to see the kids. Everything he has stated in those videos is false news. You shouldn’t taunt her and film her on your phone trying to get a rise out of her to use it for court.* There is MANY layers to this. And more videos. Legally I cannot post those but will be used when necessary. You can all have your opinions but don’t attack her for being that person he claims she is. Everything will unfold in due time.”

This situation is going to get VERY messy before it gets better and judging from Snooki's language and Jenni's earlier Instagram post it seems like Roger may have been abusive, which would definitely make sense why a judge would grant a temporary protection order. I guess we are going to see all of this play out in the media and for the first time I'm not excited because these are good people.

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