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Amber Marchese Defends Husband After Homophobic Tweets

The Marcheses suck.

Following Jim Marchese coming out and looking like the biggest twat this side of the Mississippi after he tweeted a string of blatantly homophobic tweets, his wife and the reason he holds any sort of notoriety spoke out to defend his actions after he spent days doubling down on his shitty ways.

Speaking to Us Weekly, which must have Amber on speed dial because she's always the first to comment whenever something happens with Joe and Teresa's legal battles, the one-time Housewife said her husband was standing against injustice due to what happened with Kevin Hart:

“My husband is the kind of man who wants to stand against injustice. He sees what happened to Kevin Hart as an injustice. In addition, he sees a cultural moment when people with honest views on topics continually get silenced or villainized. His statements were, I believe, his way of standing up for anyone who has an unpopular opinion that has cost them respect or opportunity. I agree that no one should be silenced, punished, or attacked for their personal beliefs, even when in opposition of our own.”

Amber did point out that she does not agree with her husband, even though her own Twitter feed has questionable comments about race and transgender people, and said she DOES know being gay isn't a choice, which is a weird fact people should have to confirm these days and something tells me she didn't yell at her husband for putting his hateful comments out into the world:

“Everyone on God’s green earth has the right to basic human dignity and equality. NO ONE should ever be made to feel less than anyone, in any way. We are all equal and perfectly made by God. I understand how hurtful his tweet is to many and I am deeply sorry for any pain that this tweet has caused. Everyone deserves to be loved and I believe that you have a Father in heaven who loves you."

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She said her "gay friends" have told her they didn't choose to be gay and their lives would at times be easier if they were straight, which she then tried so somehow say was the reason why Jim doesn't want their children to be gay because he wouldn't want them to deal with that burden:

“He wouldn’t want a child to have to carry that burden. The man I know, the man behind the loud and confrontational tweet, would love his child even if he or she was attracted to the same sex,” Amber insisted. “It is far more important to Jim and I, as parents, for our children to be honest, loving, respectful, honorable, trustworthy human beings above all, rather than any other quality to possess.”

Um. Jim LITERALLY said gays destroy Christmas, ruin families, are nightmares and being gay is the same choice as being a vegan, so Amber can try and do as much damage control as she wants but we all know what Jim meant and no amount of PR magic can make us think otherwise. She ended her comment by saying fans should combat his hatred with positive comments. Why the fuck is it our job how to teach a grown man not to be a cunt?

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