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Roger Mathews Slams Snooki After Defending JWOWW

Shots fired!

After Snooki posted surveillance footage from JWOWW's kitchen proving she didn't try and take Roger Mathews' kids away from him, he clapped back at his ex-wife's bestie and stopped her from having the last word in his sticky situation.

Roger replied to a fan talking about the mess on Instagram saying Nicole never spent a night in his house during his eight-year relationship with Jenni and doesn't know what she's talking about. He also said the truth will come out about everything, Snooki has MANY skeletons in her closet and should stay out of his marriage.

Holy shit. Roger doesn't play around.

The only skeleton I can think could be in Snooki's closet would be about her marriage because Jionni was spotted on Ashley Madison a few years back and has repeatedly said he doesn't like when Snooki gets drunk or does anything Snooki is known for doing. Maybe he cheated? Who knows but I think Roger is going to take everyone and their baggage down with him. Get ready.

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