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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 9 Trailer Is Insane

I guess this is the photo LVP had to be edited into in a "computer-like" way.

The entire cast from the disastrous eighth season are back with the addition of Denise Richards as the newest diamond holder in town and it looks like the days of fighting about stem glasses and time management may finally be over. The ladies have a purple themed opening sequence with Kyle Richards taking centre stage.

The producers worked all the Lisa Vanderpump headlines into the trailer in a brilliant way with most of the season (allegedly) revolving around Lisa trying to sell a story to the press about Dorit Kemsley - that is until she just stopped showing up to work. Her relationship with Kyle Richards seems the most straineed considering she has a FULL ON yelling match with Old Man Ken.

Camille Grammer will still be popping up as a friend with her wedding in Hawaii and it looks like we could be getting the OLD CAMILLE BACK through her feud with Lisa Rinna, as they feud over the Brett Kavanagh dram, who Camille supports and I'm mildy obsessed with it considering Housewives rarely share their politicial opinions but I can already see Miss Grammer being DRAGGED across social media.

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Denise is also getting married this season and it looks like she gets INTO IT on Halloween with Kim Richards, Kim could pick a fight with Budda and fighting in costume is the best. Brandi Glanville also stops by and I nearly peed my pants. It just proves the two shit stirrers should've never left.

EVERYBODY looks like they are getting into! Erika also questions if Teddi and Kyle are in cahoots and LVP displays her texts with Teddi to the ladies. I love receipts.

This season the ladies are jetting off to the Bahamas, France and Hawaii for Camille's wedding and I am so fucking ready. Everybody seems to be bringing it because they are being honest and I hope this season doesn't let us down. Beverly Hills is finally back bitches.

Check out the dramatic trailer below!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres February 12th at 9/8c on Bravo.

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