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Quad Webb-Lunceford Claims She Saw Mariah Huq's Cocaine Use

This is so juicy.

After the Married To Medicine season six reunion aired, Quad Webb-Lunceford sat down with Us Weekly to spill ALL the tea about her feud with her former bestie turned enemy Mariah Huq and those, you know, cocaine allegations. Would it even be a Bravo reunion these days if Colombia's gift that keeps on giving wasn't brought up?

Quad said she first saw her use the drug back in 2013 and her drug use has only got worse since then:

“I saw her utilize cocaine,” the reality star tells Us. “I know what I saw. I saw her actually using the drug herself … 2013, I saw her start using, and it just spiraled out of control. She’s just picked up the habit, even … has it now. This wasn’t a one time thing, that she did this. This is progressively getting worse."

Cocaine is apparently the reason behind her erratic mood swings and violent behaviour, according to Quad, and was the direct cause of Mariah smashing that wine glass like a shank in Antigua. Although they obviously hate each other's guts, Quad claims she doesn't want to see her go down a dark path:

“We’re not friends. We’re not. Let me just state that for the record. However, she was once a very special person to me. And because of that, I don’t want to see her continue to go down this road, because she’s a mother, she has children. She’s a wife. I’m very concerned for her. I’m very concerned for her.”

Um. I love Quad but she definitely cares more about her wig getting wet than Mariah snorting some Peru. It isn't just Quad who knows about Mariah's cocaine use, apparently, the entire cast and crew of the show have heard "whispers" about her doing drugs:

“It’s been a whisper,” she tells Us. “They know. They definitely know. I’ve even heard certain people in production say the same exact thing. Like, oh my god, she came to set today, and she had coke on her nose. I had to tell her to kind of clean up her nose, tell her to blow her nose. Yeah, it’s known. This is a known thing.”

This is so JUICY! Most reality stars are known to do cocaine whether they admit it or not, so it's not surprising to hear this. Mariah will probably never own up to doing coke but it's nice to hear Quad spilling the tea and let's hope it's brought back up next season.

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