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Thomas Ravenel Claims Kathryn Dennis Buys Drugs From Southern Charm Cast & Crew

Can he please just go away?

This custody battle between Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis is getting ugly. After she asked the judge to deny his request for joint custody based on his recent sexual assault allegations, he is clapping back in new court documents accusing her of all kinds of craziness.

According to the custody documents, he claimed Kathryn still uses prescription and illegal drugs with alcohol on a regular basis and has been under the influence of both drugs and alcohol when looking after their children. He also claimed "she buys, sells and trades" drugs with her friends, cast members and producers as well. Um. If there's anyone who loves some snow in Charleston it's T-Rape.

To add to his claims, he also said the producers of Southern Charm encouraged Trashley Jacobs to make derogatory statements about Kathryn and said his baby mama is only pursuing primary custody for a storyline on the show. Ugh. So I guess Trashley still isn't taking responsibility for her foul mouth.

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Thomas went onto say Kathryn encouraged Nanny Dawn to come forward with (false) sexual assault allegations against him to help her achieve primary custody and randomly threw in the fact that she had a hit-and-run in October 2018 but failed to actually add any information about the hit-and-run.

Let's pray for Kathryn and the kid's sake that this mess is all resolved in a short amount of time and T-Rape can go behind bars where he belongs.

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