Dorit Kemsley & PK's Assests To Be Seized Over $1.2 Million Unpaid Loan

Their deck of cards is tumbling down.

Shit is hitting the fan with PK and Dorit Kemsley. The British business mogul is now being sued after he failed to repay a loan of $1.2 million from 2011. According to legal documents obtained from The Blast, PK borrowed money from Nicos Kirzis and was supposed to repay it in full by 2013 but almost eight years later and he hasn't even given a dime back.

After he failed to pay back the debt, Nicos went to court in 2016 and sued Dorito's husband. PK argued he couldn't pay the money back because he filed bankruptcy in the UK, however, due to this being an American loan the New York judge sided with Nicos and ruled PK had to pay back the original debt with interest which became $1,235,573.66. Interest is a bitch.

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Due to the ruling being valid in New York, the creditor is now taking action in California to get his money back. He began the process of seizing PK's assets and if PK doesn't file to vacate the judgement, then his income and assets will be seized until the debt and interest can be fully repaid.

This isn't his only financial problem. PK still owes $2 million in unpaid gambling debt to a Las Vegas casino after they sued him for their money and were granted access to seize his assets as payment. Dorito is ALSO being sued by her ex-business partner for not giving him his cut of the bikini business.

Ugh. They already got their assets seized from one lawsuit and now it looks like it's very close to happening with a second one. The Kemsley's must have no money and like most people, their life of luxury is all for show...

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