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RHONJ Season 9 Reunion Tea

It's gonna be good.

Although we haven't even seen them go on their overseas trip yet, The Real Housewives of New Jersey filmed their season nine reunion on Thursday and according to a few spies, it's going to be worth the watch. Bravo released the seating chart for the big day which is from left to right: Jackie-Melissa-Margaret-ANDY-Teresa-Dolores-Jennifer.

Damn, Margaret Josephs really snagged that seat next to Andy Cohen, so she must be highly appreciated by Bravo.

As for the drama of the day, Page Six is reporting that Teresa Giudice "went hard" against the newbie Jackie Goldschneider for talking about her husband when using an analogy to show why women can't control their husbands. How much more can Tre even say about the matter at this point?

Although she allegedly "really went after” her, Jackie apparently stood her ground during the confrontation. The picture of Jackie posing with the table flipper from years ago which resurfaced on social media recently was apparently a massive conversation piece as the women questioned if being a fan of the show prior tainted her opinion going into the group.

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The other feuds we can also look forward to are Melissa Gorga and Teresa getting into it, Jackie and Jennifer Aydin talking about that parenting column, Margaret and Jen and the powerhouse in pigtails talking about the fallout of her relationship with Danielle Staub, who also made an appearance on the reunion. Ugh.

The sources say it could be the most "aggressive" reunion yet, which is what we want as Housewives fans and what the cast need if they want to come back for another season.


UPDATE: More "insiders" came forward to get press for the upcoming reunion, this time speaking to Us Weekly, and although they regurgitated the same crap about who is fighting with who, they did drop one interesting tidbit.

According to the sources in the article, Melissa threw a massive tantrum and was "vocally complaining" after she found out she wouldn't be sitting next to Andy and was stuck in the middle of the couch, which is an official downgrade in the Housewives universe, but Little Miss Envy really needs to start pulling her weight if she wants to return to her usual position.

All the husbands were present, except Marty Caffrey, of course, due to the fact he and Danielle both have restraining orders towards each other. When asked for a comment about his absence the long (well not that long) suffering husband said:

“I’m pretty confident it would go well for me if they discussed me. There’s nothing in the way I handled myself throughout filming that would make me think otherwise.”

Didn't he call Margaret ugly this week?

The source also said Teresa and Jackie fought for a long time, which doesn't make sense considering they're fighting over a fucking analogy, however, they didn't come to a resolution and the jailbird was apparently “so tense and mad” throughout the entire taping.

The source concluded saying there were no walk-offs and no real tears, so it's shaping up to a pretty entertaining day.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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