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Mariah Huq Claps Back At Cocaine Allegations With Drug Test

We love a clap back!

Following Quad Webb-Lunceford accusing her bestie turned enemy Mariah Huq of doing cocaine at the season six Married To Medicine reunion and then later coming out to say not only did she see her do the drug but that the whole cast and crew of the show know about her habit, the alleged coke head and nucleus of Bravo's medical mistresses is speaking out.

Commenting to Us Weekly, the original publication who ran Quad's story, Mariah had this to say about the allegations:

“In recent weeks, I have endured a series of malicious and deceitful assaults to my personal character and integrity,” the statement read. “As a wife and the mother of young children, the impact on my family and me has been profound and incalculable. I do not now, nor have I ever, used illicit recreational drugs of any kind. Any and all statements to the contrary, especially by someone claiming to have witnessed such behavior, are patently false, defamatory and legally actionable. As creator, executive producer and a cast member of Bravo’s Married to Medicine, I wanted to create a platform where women — and particularly women of color — could be elevated and demonstrate the intrinsic power of sisterhood.”

Not only does she deny the claims, she also underwent a drug test on Wednesday, January 9 and gave her results to the magazine which showed she tested completely negative for barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cannabinoids, cocaine, codeine, morphine and phencyclidines.

Drugs stay in your system for AGES through your hair, nails and whatever else so these tests show that Mariah is clean - or just using someone else's urine...

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