Leah Remini Accused Of Inciting Scientology Murder

Scientology can go fuck itself.

We rarely ever see stories of my home country Australia sprawled across the pop culture media, however, thanks to The Church of Scientology dragging their ex-member turned critic of the "church" Leah Remini into a death at one of their Australian facilities, the country down under is a talking point.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a 16-year-old boy whose mother was undergoing a “purification ceremony” at one of their Sydney locations stabbed a Scientology worker, a 24-year-old Taiwanese woman, in the neck with a knife who later died at the hospital and inflicted minor injuries on a 30-year-old man.

He is currently being held without bail and allegedly stabbed the employee due to an argument he had with his mother the day before due to her involvement with the "church" and went to the organisation to try and see her but was refused entry which caused the stabbing to ensue.

Naturally, the "organisation" is blaming the incident on Leah Remini's A&E show, Scientology and the Aftermath, after the attacker had allegedly been "inspired" after visiting a website with links to the show, according to a letter Scientology released.

This letter was obtained by The Underground Bunker which has been the most vocal blog about exposing Scientology's twisted "religion." The organisation asked Leah Remini and A&E to stop the series because they believe it was responsible for this incident.

I can't even paraphrase here, just read the twisted Scientology written letter:

Mr. Buccieri:

A young Scientologist in Australia has been murdered. Prior to committing this heinous act, the murderer spouted vicious religious hatred and propaganda, incited by A&E and the Leah Remini/Mike Rinder series.

On January 3, 2019, a man fatally stabbed a member of our Australasian headquarters in Sydney. Previously the assailant had stated his intent to burn down the Church. The attacker was inspired by an anti-Scientology website that featured your people and included a link to Remini’s show.

Week after week, month after month, and now year after year, this series has poisoned the airwaves in an avowed effort to create hatred against the Scientology religion and Scientologists. Hatred and propaganda always find their mark, especially among those weak and vulnerable to their appeals. And now it has born strange and bitter fruit.

For years, A&E executives ignored our warnings that the series was inspiring bigotry and violence. You knew what you were doing. Your intent was to stir up hate and turn it into cash. Now somebody has been murdered. Your indifference and obsession with stirring hate underwrote this murder.

You are well aware that whistleblowers have described how Leah Remini coaches people on the show to incite hatred against Scientology. We have repeatedly told you that all evidence points to the fact that every person on that program has been compensated, often “under the table” to try to hide it. You could care less what that scandalous bigotry — lie after lie after lie — can cause.

We warned you. Six hundred threats of violence, caused by your programming, meant nothing to you. Assassination threats against the leader of our religion meant nothing to you. You put a convicted felon on your show to praise him for vandalizing our Church and threatening to kill the leader of our religion. It didn’t matter to you, because it was what you were trying to do. For ratings, for sales, for money.

So consider your answer to this letter. Do not give us some lawyered-up response. We urged you to stop the hate and repeatedly told you the harm it was causing, which was escalating with each paid-for hate-filled episode. Now, somebody is dead. You paid for the hate that caused his murder. And you profit.

Stop your program.

Um. They aren't producing this show to stir up hatred or violence towards this "church," they are making a show to raise awareness about the sick practices the organisation has managed to get away with for years on end without any checks and balances and if somebody was potentially "inspired" to stab a bunch of Scientologists because of it, it's really not Leah or A&E's fault because it isn't the message of the show, but, of course, Scientology found a way to turn everything around like usual.

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