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LLBC Cast Think They're Better Than Vanderpump Rules

That's cute.

Vanderpump Rules may have been the inspiration behind Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, as the show centres around Lindsay as the boss of a bunch of twenty-somethings working at her beach club but the cast members of the new MTV show are coming in swinging saying they're better than the Bravo show.

According to Page Six which interviewed Lindsay's employees Billy Estevez, Brent Marks, Jonitta Wallace, Mike Mulderrig and Sara Tariq, they declared their show is completely different from VPR and is actually better. When asked about the comparison between the two shoWs Billy said "they (Vanderpump Rules) should be so lucky" to be compared to them and Mike laughed saying “We’re the ones being called a cheap version of them?”

Of course, the Jax Taylor of LLBC, Brent said: “They work at a little, cheap restaurant in West Hollywood, Well, I mean it’s kind of expensive though, but I mean we work in Mykonos on an exotic island," which is slightly true. This cast were working there for the summer so we didn't get to see their actual lives and if we did, we'd see they are as broke as the Vandepump gang.

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Ironically, Brent said it was good the show got rid of Jax when Billy stepped in to remind him he's the Jax of their show. Someone had to say it.

While the boys believed their show was superior to VPR, the girls Jonitta and Sara proclaimed their love for the Bravo show and it's matriarch Lisa Vandepump. Watch the interview below!

Kristen Doute responded to the article saying: that's cute.

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