Erika Jayne’s Husband Thomas Girardi Sued For $15 Million In Unpaid Loans To Fund Lavish Lifestyle

Does everybody have a sham lifestyle in Beverly Hills?

According to The Blast, who have been spilling all the legal tea lately, Erika Jayne's 79-year-old husband is being sued for $15 million in unpaid loans which were allegedly used to fund his lavish lifestyle and definitely went towards Erika's glam squad. Mikey Minden may be out of a job.

Thomas Girardi and his law firm are being sued by a company named Law Finance Group after they loaned him $15 million to fund his law firm operations, however, they now believe the money went towards maintaining his luxurious lifestyle and in the documents, they recognised Tom's reputation has been exceeded by his wealthy lifestyle.

He received the loan in 2015 and has allegedly refused to pay a single dime back. He hasn't made any payments towards the loan. In August 2018, he developed a payment plan with the finance group and with monthly payments was supposed to pay $1 million by the end of October and $5 million by January 1st. So far, not a single payment has been paid.

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Does he have to no money to afford to pay the loans or is he just being stingy? The law firm is seeking $15,151,989, with the addition of damages and interest. Interest is a bitch.

In the original loan documents, Tom allegedly listed the use the proceeds from his law firm, all legal fees and his Pasadena home he shares with Erika as collateral. In short, they could lose their mansion unless he pays the money he owes. Needless to say, we'll be following the story.

UPDATE: Tom sounded off on the lawsuit in a statement to The Blast claiming the money did go towards his law firm and not his lifestyle:

“The truth of the matter is this. I have not taken one penny from the law firm in the past three years. I have devoted everything to assist in the cases that we have here. Further, the money that was borrowed, we agreed to repay in approximately two weeks before the lawsuit. It is slanderous that the money was for my ‘lifestyle’ … every penny went for costs in cases that the firm is handling.”​

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