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Sonja Morgan Was Angry With Harry Dubin After He Kissed Ramona Singer

I miss RHONY.

Following Ramona Singer being caught as the latest victim of Harry Dubin's tongue, the hysteria roared through the Upper East Side (and social media) but now Dubin's original Housewife conquest Sonja Morgan is finally speaking out on how she felt after seeing her ex-lover's tongue down her costar's throat, which should be a familiar feeling these days. Tom who?

Speaking to Us Weekly, Sonja confessed she wasn't happy with the photos, not because of Ramona but due to the fact Harry is still trying to ask her on dates while making out with her on-screen bestie at the same time:

“I don’t care who Ramona sucks face with at this point. I can’t keep up with the numbers. But I wasn’t happy with Harry because Harry’s always trying to court me … since 30 years ago. He’s just, like, getting another notch on his belt the way I look at it.”

She apparently laughed when she saw the photos surface online of their gross makeup session which has scared all our eyes forever but she didn't appreciate how Harry still wants to get her in bed while trying to bag her friend. This is Sonja we are talking about, of course, there was repetition in this interview:

“Everywhere I went there was Harry. I couldn’t see his face ’cause he was … I couldn’t see his face because it was eclipsed by Ramona’s lips... When I saw it, I was laughing and I loved seeing it. It was hilarious. It was HI-larious, but what I didn’t appreciate was … Harry’s obsessed with me. He cares about me, he’s asking me to go [out] … you know, why is he doing this?”

When asked about Bethenny Frankel's new boyfriend, Sonja dodged the question by saying she doesn't talk about any of her costars love lives, unless it's Ramona then she will spill all the tea:

“Ramona’s dating schedule .. is at the speed of light right now. Or is it the speed of sound? Well, you gotta give it to Ramona, I mean she … has never looked better. Why would I even talk about anyone else’s boyfriends? Because Ramona’s got the market cornered.”

I need Sonja and the gang back on my screens like yesterday.

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