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Tamra Judge Comments On Son Ryan Vieth's Transphobic Posts

Leave Tamra alone!

Everybody is pissed after Tamra Judge's 33-year-old son Ryan Vieth went on a tirade posting some now deleted transphobic comments on his Instagram and she herself commented on one of the photos.

The OC kid (well adult) posted a news story on January 15 titled "Britain's first transgender family reveals son, 5, is also transitioning" to which he captioned the photo saying "LETS BE FUCKING REAL, THE WORLD IS FUCKED. COMPLETELY FUCKED."

That's little aggressive and does he really want to be one of those people with random screenshots on his Instagram? He's on Bravo, couldn't he be selling Diff Eyewear or something.

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Tamra herself commented on his post saying “Wow that’s sad. 5-year-old can not make a decision like that.” And for all those people shitting on her and asking for her to be fired, she has a valid point. 5-years-old is way too young to make such a life-altering decision. It doesn't mean she's transphobic or hates transgender people or wants to start murdering them, she just stated five was too young to transition.

However, her son obviously has a different mindset. Ryan posted another post calling for the murder of the transgender person who sued a baker for refusing to bake a cake celebrating a gender transition with the caption: "Hopefully this guy goes on a rampage and kills whatever transgendered f**k head took him to court. Ooops did I just say that. This country needs to kill off this fuckery bullshit."

He deleted the post but replaced it with another making this statement:

“Repost, deleted the entire post when i tried to delete someone comment for calling me a vile person hahahaha. You want to be transgender cool thats your life but dont push your transgender bullsh*t on me or America.”

Tamra then did damage control as a "source close to her" spoke to Us Weekly saying she doesn't share the same beliefs as her son, she didn't mean to offend anyone and was only "commenting on the story itself and felt a 5-year-old might be too young to make those decisions."

There's been a plethora of Housewives past and present who have made plenty of homophobic comments, and that doesn't make it right but they are still cashing their Bravo checks, so I really don't think this will influence Tamra's ability to hold an orange. Her son's comments were hateful and offensive, don't get me wrong, but no one would even be talking about this if Tamra didn't comment.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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