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Dorit Kemsley Ordered To Mediation With Ex-Business Partner

Another day, another Housewives lawsuit.

Straight from the news of Erika Jayne's husband being sued for $15 million in unpaid loans, the judge has ordered Dorito Kemsley attend mediation with her ex bikini business partner to avoid the case going to trial.

According to The Blast, the judge ordered Dorit and her ex-business partner, Ryan Horne, or their lawyers must organise and attend meditation within 20 days to settle their dispute or their case will proceed to trial, scheduled for January 6, 2020. These two better settle this bullshit because nobody wants to wait almost a year for a trial over a bikini line.

The judge also stated they must both split the costs of the mediation session.

Ryan is suing Dorit and PK after he claims he gave the couple $130,000 in merchandise and another $75,000 for other expenses for their Beverly Beach bikini line but never received any money back and basically flushed $205,000 down the drain. In short, the Kemsley's fucked him over.

Dorit clapped back to his initial lawsuit claiming he was never promised any kind of partnership with the company, was "merely a vendor" and struggled to deliver the products on time.

This comes in the middle of PK being sued for $1.2 million in unpaid loans as well as another $2 million gambling debt which has never been paid. Wow, isn't there a limit to how many lawsuits one couple can have at a time?

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