Shade of the Week: Wendy Williams

How is she REALLY doing?

For the last few years Wendy Williams has become the friend in my head I always wanted, but with her being off the air for over a month after delaying her return three times, I'm having serious withdrawals from the hot topics queen who keeps all these annoying celebrities in check.

Obviously, Wendy's health is in serious decline, her wellbeing is going downhill faster than a fat kid in a wheelchair and all we can do is stand by and wait for her return to TV. First, she fainted on live TV, then was diagnosed with Graves Disease and the week before her last show revealed she had also broken her shoulder, stopped standing and had that weird pain killer final episode. All in all, Wendy Williams is not a well woman and although I'd like to just blame her health for her issues, there's a pretty obvious common denominator in all of this: her cheating husband.

The streets have been talking for years about how Kevin Hunter has not been a good husband. He cheated on her just after their son was born and has (allegedly) been beating her for years. Of course, the abuse is street gossip but how else do we think Wendy got that broken shoulder? She never even attempted to explain how she broke it and wouldn't that be the first thing you do when you open your show? It can't be a coincidence that news of her husband (allegedly) having a baby with his side piece came out less than a week later. Are we supposed to believe this bastard child and Wendy's declining health have nothing to do with each other? During her hiatus last year we at least heard from her in Facebook videos and what not but we haven't even seen her at all since she's been off the air. Is Wendy still with us?

Wendy's never even denied the claims her husband was cheating on her and just proclaimed she was "sticking with her husband" while he was photographed picking up his mistress and literally driving her to a house 10 miles away from the house he shares with Wendy that's currently in his name. Kevin Hunter sucks and I'd shade him but nobody would care to read it. Wendy can justify her marriage whatever which way she wants but how are you supposed to be with someone who's not only actively fucking somebody else but impregnating her too. An affair can somewhat be ignored if you're a wife that can turn the other cheek and pretend to be happy but a real-life bouncing baby in the flesh and blood is a little harder.

Why the fuck doesn't Wendy divorce his ass? Their kid is off at college so they don't need to stay together for him and if her health is literally plummetting because of him why the fuck would you stay? What's next, will she have a stroke when he has twins with this hoe? Kevin is also a producer of her talk show and a major player behind the scenes. Everybody is apparently scared of him and we definitely don't need his controlling, cheating energy to make The Wendy Williams Show work. We only need Wendy at her best and having a broken shoulder (from asking too many questions) and being unable to walk, isn't her best. Wendy is always shading celebrities and giving them advice on what to do but how the fuck can she keep that up if she's married to a man who beats her and is baking a love child down the road with his mistress?

If ANY other celebrities were in the news for this mess, Wendy would rip them to shreds and of course, it's always harder when you're going through it yourself but there are way too many hot topics to be covered right now that we need Wendy's take on and the "Hot Talk" panel is just sad. They're not funny, they're not entertaining and they're not Wendy. She was supposed to return on January 7th and now probably won't even be back until well into February. I'm sure there are cures for all her ailments but the main one that will solve them all is divorcing Kevin Hunter.

If she stays with this asswipe, his mistress and their bastard child then my Good Tea prediction is this will be the last season of the talk show because who would commission season eleven if she's taking months at a time off to deal with her health? Wendy is a pillar in pop culture and without her we'll only have PC entertainment shows with boring hosts and Ellen to fill our days. Who the fuck wants that? Let's all say a little prayer Wendy does return rested, well and single.