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Naomie Olindo Forced To Film With Trashley Jacobs As Punishment For Missing Cast Trip

You can't turn a whore into a Housewife or a Southern Charm cast member.

According to a four-piece exclusive from Tamara Tattles, the producers of Southern Charm were trying their hardest to make Trashley Jacobs happen on the upcoming sixth season and like fetch, it's just not going to happen. Trashley was pretty much the only drama on last season so it will be odd to see what a group of mostly friends fight about this year.

There were allegedly four attempts to get Trashley on this season and each one ended in a complete flop. Eliza Limehouse, friend of the show, hosted an event for the cast where Trashley was invited by production to play the role of her friend. The cast were ambushed when they saw her and apparently dodged her for the entire event so she wouldn't get any air time. She attempted to go on an apology and claimed she wasn't dating T-Rape but no one was buying what she was selling. Her real enemies Kathryn Dennis and Patricia Altschul weren't in attendance.

The second Trashley appearance occured after Naomie Olindo ditched the cast trip to Colorado after her doctor boyfriend didn't want her going away with her ex-boyfriend Craig Conover. Wow. Is the doctor really threatened by Craig and his sewing? As a result of her missing the trip, production punished her by making her film a one-on-one scene with Trashley where the nurse turned sugar baby blamed her behaviour on Thomas, Kathyrn, alcohol or whatever else before Naomie told her in the nicest way to go back to California because there's nothing for her in Charleston. In other words, she told her to get the fuck off the show. The scene may not even make it to air because Naomie didn't give the drama production hoped she would.

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The third time production tried to throw Trashley onto the cast was when Eliza Limehouse threw a fox hunt at her plantation and T-Rape's sometimes girlfriend turned up (again) without the cast knowing. Everybody was pissed she was there because it was so unnatural for her to be amongst their group. She allegedly apologised and hugged Kathryn, which the redhead hoped would put closure on this chapter and get her off the show for good. But she was wrong.

Trashley's fourth and final appearance, forever, was when she was invited to Patricia's finale event (by production) which was taped January 17. Production apparently wanted some kind of interaction between Patricia and Trashley, however, during the event, Queen Pat was wearing expensive jewellery and hired a bodyguard to protect her, which also came in handy for kicking Trashley out of the party and giving the show zero drama to work with. The cast know if they don't give Trashley attention or drama, the producers have nothing to use and there'll be no reason to bring the bitch back.

Although Trashley sucks, I think can all agree on that, she makes amazing TV and without her and a cast who mostly get along, I can't see what the drama would even be. If the boys are fighting over a girl again, I'll pass.

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