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Danielle Staub Drama At Andy Cohen's Baby Shower

This is embarrassing.

All the Housewives have flocked to LA for Andy Cohen's baby shower and it's fucking amazing. Instagram is blowing up with half drunk stories of all the ladies mingling and it is literally Bravo's Superbowl, however, it wouldn't be an event with dozens of Housewives without some kind of drama.

Hours before the baby shower was set to take place, Page Six ran a story with a "source" claiming Danielle Staub was snubbed from attending the event. Do we need to guess who that source was? Apparently, she travelled to LA for the baby shower and to shoot one of those Bravo movie promos with Teresa Giudice, however, was left off the guest list.

Teresa and the other OG Housewives planned the shower, couldn't Tre have just added her to the list? And NeNe Leakes brought Phaedra Parks along as a surprise guest, so it seems to me this "source" leaked the story for attention.

Following the initial Page Six story, Andy called Danielle on the phone and personally invited her to attend the festivities and I'm guessing she was down there in 85 seconds. So she travelled to LA for a baby shower she wasn't invited to, leaked a story to guilt Andy into inviting her then informed Page Six of the update. Ugh. A mess.

After Andy's call, Danielle did attend the shower.

Apart from this dumb drama, the baby shower looks AMAZING and I'd literally give my left nut to be there. The Housewives from everywhere are posting up a storm and I'm loving every minute of it!

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