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Thomas Ravenel Allegedly Has A Secret Son

This is some juicy scoop!

A photo surfaced on Instagram of Thomas Ravenel and his sometimes girlfriend Ashley Jacobs posing with a teenager and according to LauraLovesBravo's Instagram account, it could be his secret son we've never heard of.

Their recent post stated the politician turned felon turned reality star's secret son was out of the press and kept a secret because Thomas was allegedly paying the mother to keep quiet about the situation, however, apparently they've started talking again and will be in each other's lives more.

After recent times, the world finding out about Thomas' son is the least of his worries.

Although this could seem like meaningless Charleston street gossip, a source informed Good Tea that Thomas allegedly met a woman 17 years ago and had a one night stand. She got pregnant, had the baby and only told him about the baby when the boy was four-years-old and Thomas paid her monthly to keep the child a secret from the public.

However, five years ago, around the time Southern Charm came around, Thomas and his secret son started talking again and apparently, he even met Kathryn Dennis, who also (allegedly) knows about the situation.

His son, Lucas, is 16-years-old, lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and visited Thomas in Charleston recently, as shown through the Instagram photo.

Apparently, he's starting to get back in Thomas' life which is causing more and more people around the streets of Charleston to find out about the situation. Oh and Thomas allegedly stopped paying the mother monthly.

Thomas commented on the post but literally made no sense at all:

Of course, this whole situation could be bullshit, however, there was no real reason specified in the post as to why the teenager was spending time with Thomas and Ashley and let's be real, this does seem like something Thomas would do...

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