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Rhylee Gerber Exposes Ross Inia For Dating Charter Guest Krystal Who Allegedly Got Kicked Out Of WWH


The final charter guests of Below Deck season six arrived on last week's episode and the primary, Krystal, was a cunt with a capital K. She hid under a blanket, punched her friend, berated one of her guests and refused to go to bed which may or may not have resulted in her getting sprayed with a hose, however, through all the trashy mess it seems the bosun Ross Inia found something he liked in her.

While the episode was airing, Kate Chastain took to Twitter and joked the most awkward viewing party was happening in a Connecticut country club, which made sense when the deckhand Rhylee Gerber revealed Ross is now dating the guest Krystal and had the receipts to prove it.

Instead of not giving a fuck about the situation and being happy with his (very rich) girlfriend, Ross clapped back at Rhylee telling her to mind her own business and accused her of screenshotting the photo of the two together to use against him in the future.

Rhylee reminded the bosun he posted it on his PUBLIC (caps are important) Instagram account and threw in the fact that his new girlfriend was even banned from the WWHL Clubhouse. Mmm, I wonder why.

Rhylee also replied to a fan stating Krystal tried to pull "shit stunts" while they were in New York together and Ross just sat by and let it happen. What a fucking mess.

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