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Caroline Bedol Reveals Why She REALLY Quit Below Deck & Why She's Banned From The Reunion


After months of tweeting endlessly like a crazy person, Caroline Bedol finally appeared on Heather McDonald's Juicy Scoop Podcast to tell her side of what truly happened behind the scenes on Below Deck. Yes, she's a little crazy but to go through the mindfuck of reality TV and being portrayed a certain way or having important factors of the story left out from editing would really fuck up anyone.

From the getgo, Caroline revealed she knew from the second day of filming she wouldn't make it to the end because she knew she was placed on the show to be targeted by Kate Chastain and her sidekick Josiah Carter. She also had no trouble saying Kate was a narcissist who was playing games with her head, which made Caroline decide to quit.

On her final day on the boat, Caroline claimed after she told a producer she was quitting they instructed her to wait in her room before she could film her scene with Captain Lee and it was in this time that Kate and Josiah (allegedly) starting taunting Caroline who had locked herself in her room by saying she was leaving because of a herpes outbreak, was a liar, a thief, lazy and was going to make her mother, who has early onset dementia, lose what was left of her mind.

The entire saga was captured on tape and Caroline apparently wrote everything down and read it to Captain Lee when she was quitting, however, nothing ever happened and the redheaded stew messaged him on Instagram and Twitter only for him not to respond. When Heather suggested it was because he may not use his own Instagram, Caroline clapped back saying that's all he does behind the scenes of the show.

When it comes to the reunion, Caroline claimed she was told she couldn't come because she had been aggressive to Captain Lee on Twitter but it's really because they want to protect themselves from Caroline talking about what really happened on the boat, however, even if she did show up and revealed what Kate and Josiah said, I'm sure Bravo could still edit out her ramblings. Caroline was banned from the reunion but was apparently offered a one-on-one special with Andy Cohen which they then took away.

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However, on the morning of the reunion taping, Andy called her to get her side of the story so he could "represent" her. Apparently, he asked to see the footage of Kate and Josiah taunting her and said he would show it at the reunion, but do we really think the producers would air that if they dodged a bullet by not inviting Caroline to the reunion? I don't think so. Caroline also said she begged the producers to put the footage in the episode but they refused to protect her against people thinking she had herpes.

When has reality TV tried to protect anyone, especially someone who looked crazy all season? I believe every word Caroline says and although she rambles like a crazy person it does seem like the truth, however, this is the art of reality TV and they are making a television show here. Caroline's unedited truth is out there now and hopefully, it helps her stay off social media where Below Deck is concerned.

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