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Jeff Lewis & Gage Edward Split Up

Times up!

Following nine years of dating, Jeff Lewis and Gage Edwards are no longer together. Jeff shared on his Sirius XM show "Jeff Lewis Live" that Gage moved into a hotel after they had slept in separate rooms for the best part of 2018.

After having a tough year with the Jenni Pulos drama and their surrogate suing them it took until New Year's Eve for Jeff to finally want to work on the relationship when he saw Gage looking for apartments.

He revealed they put off going their separate ways due to their daughter Monroe and the four homes they are currently working on but were still "friends with benefits" until Gage came to Jeff saying he wanted to keep living together but end their physical relationship, which was when they decided it was best for him to move into a hotel instead:

“We were like friends with benefits. We would still hook up, inconsistently,” Lewis said. “I was still encouraged, like, ‘There’s still something here… he’s still interested in me… But there was a real lack of intimacy because he wasn’t in my room. So I actually felt very lonely and sad and disappointed.”

Jeff also clarified that although they have had a shitty year, he still fondly remembers the first nine of their time together and hopes while he's away Gage can think about their positive times together rather than the negative:

“There’s so much anger that he has lost sight of the good things. Every time we have one of these discussions, it’s so overwhelmingly negative. I have a very different perspective. Last year was hell, but I remember nine pretty solid years. We had some fun. So I said to him, ‘I encourage you to work through that resentment and focus on the positive things because there could be more to come.’"

He also spoke about struggling dating someone, like Gage, who had never been to therapy and was closed about his feelings and how the ten year age difference has affected them:

“There’s a lot of negatives with dating Jeff Lewis, but you always know where you stand with me. I dated someone who is not a good communicator. Has never been to therapy and has held things in for 33 years. It breeds a lot of resentment,” Lewis said. "[When we met] I was in my 30s, he was in his 20s,” Lewis added. “I feel like I went out, I had 10 years of partying and dating and sex and all that. I don’t feel like I was missing anything.”

Jeff didn't want to commit on any kind of custody situation with his daughter but revealed she is living with him.

Maybe this will get him the new season of Flipping Out he was looking for. Not saying this is a publicity stunt, but I'm sure Bravo will swoop at the opportunity to get this drama on camera. It's sad and for the sake of Monroe, I hope they work it out but I never saw much love between them to begin with. No shade, they're just not affectionate people.

Watch, well listen, to the full discussion below:

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