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Erika Jayne's Son Revealed

Where has he been hiding?

Every Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan (and Eileen Davidson specifically) knows you don't talk about Erika Jayne's son. She got pregnant with him at 21-years-old and he is now an LAPD police officer so she chose not to feature him on the show due to his dangerous job in the streets of Los Angeles.

This week she was asked if he'll ever appear on the show during her WWHL appearance, however, she confirmed it's not a likely situation:

“Probably not. I don’t think so, no. You know, he has a private life; he’s a police officer.”

However, when Reza Farahan pointed out he wanted to know how hot the son is because Erika is so hot, she gave us a clue of saying he looks exactly like her but a boy. And she isn't wrong. At all.

After doing some googling, I found a RARE photo of Erika's son from his police photo day. His name is Tommy Zizzo, taking his father's last name, and looks literally like a male version of Miss Jayne.

What do we think ladies? Or men, we don't know what he's into, but I'm sure if he was gay he'd have a whole team of backup dancers to choose from.

We'll never see him on the show but at least we know what he looks like!

UPDATE: For everyone complaining in the comments telling me to respect his privacy, Erika already stated his name in her book and the photo was already out there. All I did was REPOST information that the world has already seen. Go and be offended at your own lives.

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