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Vicki Gunvalson Slams Jeff Lewis After Breakup

Shots fired.

Following Jeff Lewis announcing his boyfriend of ten years, Gage Edward had moved out people had a lot to say, mainly highlighting how the designer turned reality star has torpedoed many relationships in his life. Ryan. Zolia. Jenni. And now Gage, on top of probably hundreds of employees over the years.

Last year, Jeff posted a photo to promote Flipping Out with Jenni's face crossed out and Dave Quinn, who writes most of the Bravo content for PEOPLE Magazine, posted an updated version with both Jenni AND Gage's faces crossed out after the breakup news.

Vicki Gunvalson saw the meme and commented: "This is what he gets for being awful to people, including me."


This is the most Vicki comment ever and of course, she wouldn't be able to shade someone if she didn't bring it back to herself. Her comment comes after Jeff has talked A LOT of shit about her on his Sirius XM radio show from fat-shaming her to saying she reported him to Bravo and tried to get him fired.

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