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The Rock Claps Back To Shep Rose's Fast And Furious Diss

This has to be the weirdest celebrity feud ever.

Randomly for no apparent reason, Shep Rose decided to go on a Twitter rant about Fast and Furious. The trust fund baby turned reality star turned alcoholic in training let all his followers know his thoughts on the never-ending franchise. Shep questioned who is paying to see the movies, declaring he doesn't know anyone who does.

Thanks for the update? I guess?

Even more random than Shep's original tweet was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson replied to the tweet, that he wasn't even tagged in. Does he follow Shep? Did fans tag him? Does he even know what Southern Charm is? We didn't get any of those answers, however, The Rock passive-aggressively shaded Shep's tweet saying the franchise made $5 billion globally and is also watched by Mark Zuckerberg.

Wow. The Rock doesn't clap back often but when he does, he does it right.

Following this, Shep replied to The Rock's clap back by fanning out, like any internet shit talker would if The Fucking Rock commented on your post. Shep assured everyone he retracted his statement and was officially going to watch every Fast and Furious film ever made.

This was the Twitter exchange I needed today.

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