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Jeff Lewis Slams Gage Edward For Going On Date With Home-Wrecker

Does this mean they're over?

Only days after Jeff Lewis told the world his boyfriend of ten years moved out of their home, he now decided to update us further on their sticky situation and it is juicier than a Georgia peach!

On his radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, which has received more than it's fair share of press lately, Jeff revealed his ex-boyfriend Gage Edward went on a date on Saturday night with his gym buddy. And yes, gym buddy definitely means fuck buddy, if they're going on dates and not fucking in the gym showers, there's a problem.

Gage and his date were spotted at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills according to Jeff, which is where you go to be seen, so Jeff's ex was definitely trying to send a message. Jeff apparently convinced Gage to go to therapy and asked if his therapist knew about his date:

“I asked him — he started therapy on Wednesday — and I asked him, ‘Well, what does your therapist think about your date?’ And the therapist said that it is good for him to information gather. What I wonder is if he was honest with the therapist and explained the history with this person because I know who this person is.”

Jeff knows exactly who Gage's "date" was, however, instead of revealing his name, he referred to him exclusively as home-wrecker:

”’Home-wrecker,’ I think, has been in his ear for quite some time. I think ‘Home-wrecker’ has exploited a very vulnerable situation. I think this started as a gym buddy friend, and I think this person has had his sights on him, Gage, for quite some time,” the real estate professional speculated. “I think he was very aware of what was happening. I don’t think he’s concerned about breaking up a family or jeopardizing Gage’s career or financial situation. I don’t think he’s concerned about that at all. And I doubt this person’s intentions. So we’ll just leave it at that.”

Apparently, Jeff also started talking with someone online and exchanging pictures before the potential suitor decided not to meet Jeff due to him having a two-year-old daughter. If they are both openly looking to date other people does that mean they aren't getting back together? Do you think they should?

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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