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Bravo Slams Thomas Ravenel Over Legal Drama With Kathryn Dennis

Bravo is SAVAGE.

Following Thomas Ravenel suing Bravo to stop them from using footage of his children on the show and editing out any scenes of Kathryn Dennis talking about their custody battle, the network finally clapped back in legal documents and they ripped T-Rape a new asshole claiming he is infringing their first amendment rights by restriciting what they share.

According to The Blast, Bravo argued they want the case tossed as Thomas was fine with having his children on the network until he was fired and highlighted he filed this in a custody case and as they are not the parents of the children, this entire lawsuit should not even apply to them. The documents read:

“If Ravenel actually wants to stem the public flow of information about this custody dispute, then his recourse is to stop his own public mudslinging in the pleadings he has filed in this case, stop posting photos and videos of his children on the Internet, join Dennis’s request to seal this Court’s records, and/or seek to restrain Dennis from discussing the case.”

They also accused Thomas' goal of only not wanting the custody battle discussed on television because he wants to limit any one from having a public platform to share information about the situation, except himself:

“Ravenel’s actual interest appears to be to prohibit anyone besides himself from maintaining a public platform to discuss this lawsuit now that he is no longer a cast member on ‘Southern Charm.’”

Bravo did agree to not air previously unaired images of the children on future episodes of the show without Ravenel’s consent and also want him to pay their legal fees. The case is ongoing.

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