Vicki Gunvalson Responds To Demotion Rumours

We love a clap back!

Following social media going CRAZY about the possibility of Vicki Gunvalson potentially becoming a "friend of" after 13 years of holding an orange, the OG of the OC decided to respond to all the rumours online by confirming she's in negotiations.

Um. I think this pretty much confirms it.

Kelly Dodd confirmed the season has already begun filming and everyone else's contracts states they will have FULL-TIME positions, except Vicki who is still in negotiations. It will be interesting to see if she takes the "friend" spot to stay on the show or if she just retires to Coto.

How pathetic would you feel if you were the OG of the entire Housewives franchise for over a decade and then you get demoted while Gina and Emily get to hang onto their oranges? Now that's just cold. Production must REALLY be over Vicki's shit if they are serious about demoting her.

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In other OC news, Kelly also revealed on Jeff Lewis' radio show yesterday that Vicki reported her to Bravo after she shaded her plastic surgery. Following her comment on Instagram, Vicki confronted her over text which Kelly responded to by sending pig emojis and Vicki then sent those texts to Bravo but Kelly wasn't even fined.

Ugh, Vicki needs to chill out with reporting people, it's getting to be way too much, and is probably why production decided to cut her out.

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