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Katie Rost Exposes Footage Of Abusive Ex-Husband & Claims She Can't See Her Children

This is a lot.

The streets are saying Potomac's first season wonder Katie Rost is returning to the show for it's upcoming fourth season and according to her latest tweet, it's a good time for the reality star to be making a comeback to our screens.

She took to Twitter in an odd tweet saying a New Jersey judge is stopping her from seeing her children and has threatened to imprison her due to her releasing the tapes of her “abuser.”

Wow. That’s a lot.

This tweet seemed pretty random until you explore her Instagram page which is full of #MeToo posts and even a Go Fund Me page entitled #FreeKatieRost.

She also shared several YouTube videos of her ex husband, Dr. James Orsini Jr verbally abusing her while (allegedly) driving drunk and calling her a cunt, bitch and anything else you can think of.

Katie also revealed a voice mail of his father trying to talk to her about the situation with his son. Ugh men.

So I guess Katie hasn’t seen her kids after she released the videos of her ex abusing her and may go to prison? This is A LOT and let’s hope for selfish reasons it makes it onto the show.

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