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Jeff Lewis Stormed Out Of Dinner With Gage Edwards

Karma's a bitch.

Following Gage Edward going on a date with a "homewrecker" days after Jeff Lewis announced their split, the interior designer turned reality star told another story of the drama that's been transpiring in his life on his radio show and it's disappointing the cameras aren't rolling right now.

Jeff confessed he had a two-hour dinner where Gage “lectured” and “criticized” him for his behaviour during the duration of their 10-year relationship and as a result, Jeff stormed off from the table and left the restaurant. Hey, that's a great way to get out of paying the bill.

Honestly, I think this was a gradual thing. Gage probably slowly started resenting Jeff and his personality and couldn't take it anymore. Jeff really is the Bethenny Frankel of the West Coast, he goes through his relationships like underwear. Ryan. Zolia. Jenni. Gage. Who's next, Megan? Monroe?

However, after Jeff's walkout he confirmed he called Gage the following day and talked about how he wants to be a better person with the help of therapy as he's spiralling into a dark depression, he said he told his ex:

“‘I have heard everything you’ve had to say to me in the last couple of weeks and I take 100 percent responsibility for what has gone wrong in this relationship. I’m working really hard to implement these changes in my life and what I would prefer to have from you is support and acknowledgment. I would love a little word of encouragement and I do not want you to beat the shit out of me anymore because I am spiraling into a very, very deep, dark depression and I want to stop this now.’"

Let's hope he sticks to it.

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