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Lisa Vanderpump Says Dorit Kemsley Gave Two Vanderpump Dogs Away

This is never-ending.

The biggest bitch on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season is Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy. That fucking dog has become the star of the show, however, it turns out the puppy wasn't the only dog Dorit Kemsley decided not to keep.

A fan asked Lisa Vanderpump if it was true that Dorit actually adopted two dogs from Vanderpump Dogs, returning one and giving the other away, to which the exiled cast member replied saying yes.

Wow, that other dog JUST missed out on the chance to become the lead character in a Housewives storyline. Does it really matter that Dorit returned the dog because the Kemsleys really don't seem like a canine-friendly family anywau?

Thoughts. Sound off in the comments!

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