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Margaret Josephs Accuses Danielle Staub Of Cheating With Friend's Boyfriend

This feud never gets old!

New Jersey’s resident Prostitution Whore has another victim. Danielle Staub posted a photo on Instagram kissing her potential 21st victim just days after her divorce was finalised and thankfully her frenemy Margaret Josephs joined in on the subject to spill some tea.

I don’t know the specifics as the tweet was deleted but I’m guessing Marge had something snarky to say about Danielle and her new man. Can you blame her? Suddenly a Danielle stan stepped in to defend Staub, bringing up Margaret’s affair because it’s the only material people can use against her.

Margaret retaliated by alleging Danielle was no stranger to cheating as she met her new boyfriend and started an affair with him when he was still dating her best friend.


After the tweet went somewhat viral, #21 gave a comment to Page Six and claimed he never cheated with Danielle:

“I ended my relationship with Gina because it was not working,” Maier told Page Six of his ex in a statement on Wednesday. “My current relationship with Danielle did not have anything to do with that decision. I have no interest in a current or future relationship with Gina. Since our relationship ended she has been harassing me and my family, as well as trying to use this situation as an opportunity to get on the show and promote her boutique. She needs to stop this childish behavior, act like an adult and move on with her life.”

Shots fired! Is it really weird to think the Prostitution Whore would fuck a guy in a relationship? #TeamPigtails.

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