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Danielle Staub Postpones 4th Wedding

That didn't take long.

Only about two days after revealing she was going to marry her 21st fiance after six weeks of knowing him on this coming Monday, Danielle Staub has officially gone back on her word and won't be tying the knot with her latest victim so soon after all. Wow, she really knows how to drag out a media circus.

According to Us Weekly, Danielle "decided" to postpone the wedding ceremony because her daughters haven't met her fiance yet. Um. First of all, how do you get engaged to someone after six weeks? And second of all, why would you even accept a proposal when your new man hasn't met the people you gave birth to?

Honestly, those daughters shouldn't be complaining because they're inheriting a summer castle in the South of France.

This guy really took New Jersey's resident Prostitution Whore from the cartel to the castle. A "source" which means Danielle explained why she was postponing her wedding to the outlet:

“After today she realized she wants to bring her kids into the process more. The wedding has been postponed. Her daughters were surprised because everything happened so fast.”

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