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Kim Zolciak Sued by AMEX For $215,000 Credit Card Bill

Is anyone surprised?

After years of spending more money than she can make, it looks like her karma has finally caught up with her as Kim Zolciak is being sued by American Express for $215K in credit card debt. Wow, this is very Tori Spelling of her.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Kim agreed to pay the credit card debt she owed Amex and set up a monthly payment plan to pay off the debt. The documents read:

“Pursuant to the parties’ agreement, Plaintiff transmitted to Defendants a monthly billing statement for the account, and Defendant was obligated to pay the minimum payment due as set forth on that statement on a monthly basis.”

However, I think we can all guess what happened. Kim and her wig didn't end up paying the money she owed to the credit card company and continues to fail to pay off the monthly debt she owes. As a result, American Express is suing the reality star for $215K.

A sheriff served the summons to Kroy Biermann on February 9, 2019 as the legal documents are dated back to November. The case is currently ongoing.

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