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PK Sued For Another Gambling Debt Of $75K

Add this one to the list.

Beverly Hills House husband Paul Kemsley has been hit with another million dollar lawsuit. According to The Blast, the adjacent reality star is being sued for $75K by a UK company named AR Legal Collections Limited after they were assigned to collect his debt on behalf of the sports betting company Star Sports.

Court documents obtained by the publication state in October 2016 PK owed $260,737, however, the collections company claimed they worked out a deal where the businessman could pay $150K to settle the debt, which is a pretty good deal. PK allegedly paid $75K but failed to repay a second $75K which is what the company is chasing.

PK argues the statute of limitations is up as the debt comes from 2010 and 2011 and says he shouldn't have to pay such an old fee as they waited to long to sue him. He also claims in court documents the collection company made threats against him and his brother to pay the gambling debt (who isn't even involved) before they filed the lawsuit.

Dorit Kemsley's husband also stated the company has failed to provide any evidence to back up their claims and wants the entire cast tossed. PK is due in court in April.

This is just another debt on PK's list as he is also being sued for $1.2 million in unpaid loans, $1 million in back taxes and another $1.7 million in debt to a Vegas casino.

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