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RHOA Season 11 Reunion Tea

This is so juicy!

Following a boring season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the upcoming reunion is getting a lot of heat after NeNe Leakes unfollowed all her costars except Shamari DeVoe and Marlo Hampton. Now several outlets have "exclusives" to give us a little bit of an insight of what to expect when the reunion drops in a couple of weeks.

According to Tamara Tattles, this reunion was NeNe vs everyone else. All the ladies allegedly piled on after footage was played of NeNe calling Gregg several names including a grouch and even said he was evil. It turns out NeNe expected all the girls to sympathise with her struggle, however, everyone turned around on NeNe for saying those things about her cancer-ridden husband and she now feels attacked, hence her getting trigger happy with the unfollow button.

Porsha Williams also came for NeNe and the two apparently had the biggest fight of the day over #ClosetGate where Porsha was mad the OG would get physical with her while she was pregnant. Eva Marcille also had a bone to pick with NeNe (in order to hold onto her peach) after the OG apparently gossips about her financial situation in upcoming episodes.

Tanya Sam apparently earnt her place on the show and didn't back down against NeNe while Cynthia Bailey didn't defend the Rich Bitch against anyone who was coming at her. Yes, 51 Cynt has never really had any balls but why would she defend her BFF when she doesn't agree with her actions?

Everyone was inside NeNe's asshole for the entire season, so it will be good to see all the ladies actually have an opinion that isn't NeNe's at this reunion.

The sources claimed NeNe left the reunion the same way Phaedra Parks did, with no one wanting to film with her or even giving a fuck about her in general. Damn, we need Shady Phae Phae back to start shooting with NeNe because all she has left is Marlo and Shamari and we all know Calamari won't make it another season.

Andy Cohen also took to Twitter to confirm the table will be reset for next season, whatever the fuck that means.

The real cause of the tension between NeNe and Cynthia could be 51 Cynt and Kandi Burruss's goal to get Kenya Moore back on the show which NeNe does NOT want to happen. The two even had a couples date night dinner with Kenya and her man following the explosive reunion taping.

Next season Bravo needs to cut the bullshit and give us what we need:

NeNe Leakes, Kandi Burruss, Cynthia Bailey, Porsha Williams, Phaedra Parks, Kenya Moore, Tanya Sam and Marlo Hampton all need to be back in some kind of capacity to give us the redemption season we need.

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